Duress Alarm System and Emergency Response System

More and more people suffer from mental illness. As a result, prisons, emergency rooms in hospitals and long-term care facilities are dealing with a large part of the mentally ill population and often with fewer security personnel.  With an increase in attacks and often an outdated duress system, Securalert duress alarm and the Securalert emergency response system have become a critical element in personnel protection and safe work environments.

duress alarm

Ultrasound Technology

The duress alarm has to be effective and reliable.  Nordicom’s ultrasound technology is the only technology capable of finding the exact localization instantaneously with 100% accuracy. When personnel security and system reliability matter most, ultrasound technology is best.  After pressing on your ultrasound duress alarm, inaudible ultrasound waves are spread throughout the room (like a cloud) and will reach the ultrasound duress system receiver no matter the position. No calculating, no tracking from one event to the next, just the right room at the right moment. Your panic button does not have to be in line of view with the receiver; the inaudible ultrasound waves will do the job no matter what and get to the receiver in the same room where you are at the exact moment. Ultrasound waves stay in the room and travel like sound, no obstacles will stop your voice in the room, you can be face down or face to the wall and somebody will hear your duress alarm. 

Ultrasound technology built into the emergency response system provides the best duress alarm solution. How can you get a fast and reliable emergency response system? We can add an effective communication system between the central receiver and the warning devices. An ultrasound duress system takes about 5 seconds from the time you press your panic button to the time that the central receiver gets this duress alarm. The next step is to send this alarm instantly to the people that can help as soon as possible (colleagues, intervention team or security personnel).  The emergency response system must be on track all the time and be flexible and able to send the duress alarm simultaneously and instantaneously by cell phone, portable radio, display panel, computer with buzzer or by public or private pagers. We are talking about an emergency response system with ultrasound technology and an effective duress system communication.  We offer the best solution when a dangerous event occurs and in less than 5 seconds…

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This is an excerpt from a playlist of videos produced during the "Hamilton Video & Sound Open House & Technology Showcase", an audio-video industry trade show event held in Hamilton, Ontario on June 17th, 2016.

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« Securalert gave us the peace of mind we needed for both personnel and patients. We are completely satisfied with it’s performance. »

Diane Beauchamp