Securalert Solution for the Lone Worker and Correctional Security

In the field of correctional security, personnel safety and system reliability are paramount.  You need a problem free solution. The Securalert indoor and outdoor Hybrid System gives you the exact location of a dangerous event and the information required on how to quickly help a lone worker with 100% accuracy.
This is just a part of what the Securalert Hybrid System can do for correctional security. The user wears a portable and intelligent panic button. Like any good security system, this panic button has bi-directional communication capabilities between central monitoring and the user. When the user presses the panic button, it will react to inform the user what happened. If there is no feedback from the panic button it means that the signal did not reach central monitoring. But when it does, the user will get a vibration signal to confirm that the help is on the way. This is a complete correctional security system. Central monitoring conducts regular scheduled verifications of each device (panic button, receivers, repeaters, etc…) to pick-up any problems with the system. This bi-directional communication system is well designed to meet the needs of correctional security and personnel security.

Lone Worker

In terms of personnel security, we have many challenges and one of the most difficult is the lone worker. A lone worker can be a nurse on a psychiatric ward night shift, a prison guard or a maintenance person having to work in a hazardous environment. If you are a lone worker, you need the features of the Securalert Hybrid System including the panic button. For more information on all the features of this system you can send an information request to Nordicom.

The Securalert Hybrid System is the most accurate personnel security system to keep the lone worker safe in the workplace. Don’t guess when you are in distress, the Securalert emergency call system identifies the exact location with 100% accuracy. The ultrasound technology does not have the unpredictable results inherent in radio frequency systems or the limitations of the infrared system. Unlike radio-based solutions that have overlapping zones that cannot be restricted to specific rooms, Nordicom’s ultrasound-based Securalert device is capable of identifying the exact room where a person is in distress with 100% accuracy. Worn directly on an individual for easy access, the Securalert ultrasound panic button can be discreetly hidden using a belt clip, worn on clothing or placed in a pocket. That is all a lone worker will need to work in a safe environment.

To get the help you need, a good warning system is required. When a lone worker presses the panic button, central monitoring will get the alarm and the lone worker will feel his panic button vibrate giving him a clear signal that assistance is on the way. If the situation requires immediate attention, the warning system can send precise information from central monitoring to colleagues, intervention teams or security guards by cell phone, portable radio, and display panel, computer with buzzer or by public and private pagers. Just let us know what you need in terms of warning devices and Nordicom will include it your Securalert System.  
At Nordicom we take care of the lone worker,

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« Securalert gave us the peace of mind we needed for both personnel and patients. We are completely satisfied with it’s performance. »

Diane Beauchamp