Securalert Duress Alarm System for correctional staff

In the field of correctional security, personnel safety and system reliability are paramount.  You need a problem free solution. The Securalert indoor and outdoor Hybrid System gives you the exact location of a dangerous event and the information required on how to quickly help a lone worker with 100% accuracy. 
The Securalert Hybrid System offers the best solution when a dangerous situation occurs and in less than 5 seconds. Detection of immobility or man down are among the options available to these panic buttons.

This is just a part of what the Securalert Hybrid System can do for correctional security. The user wears a portable and intelligent panic button. Like any good duress security system, this panic button has bi-directional communication capabilities between central monitoring and the user. When the user presses the panic button, it will react to inform the user what happened. If there is no feedback from the panic button it means that the signal did not reach central monitoring. But when it does, the user will get a vibration signal to confirm that the help is on the way. Central monitoring conducts regular scheduled verifications of each device (panic button, receivers, repeaters, etc…) to pick-up any problems with the system. This bi-directional communication system is well designed to meet the needs of correctional security and personnel security.

prison security system must also be flexible and reliable when it comes to the installation. It may be cost prohibitive to install a hardwired system in an old institution. In this case, wireless receivers provide a great solution for upgrading existing a prison. When you combine ultrasound technology with wireless receivers you get all the flexibility and reliability you need to design the best system. With ultrasound technology, the receivers can be hidden to avoid detection and our technology is energy efficient powered by a D type battery with a astonishin 5 to 10 year lifespan.  

With the Securalert Hybrid System you can choose between a wireless or hardwired installation. The wireless Securalert Hybrid System will regularly monitor the level of the communication signal between each component, the battery charge and the status of each device.

Duress alarm system for all workplace

We have many wireless emergency call systems and options adapted to specific workplace. Chose your trade to see which panic button alarm system is better for you! 






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« Securalert gave us the peace of mind we needed for both personnel and patients. We are completely satisfied with it’s performance. »

Diane Beauchamp