Securalert Duress Alarm System for teacher

Demand for protection in School and Campus are on the rise, while budget are always on low.

Nordicom's Securalert is a perfect partner in your protection plan because it is very flexible and very powerful. It will integrate to any communication notification plan and provide a fast and clear information to respond team.

Lightweight, robust and versatile portable transmitter provide a lot of features unique to Securalert.

Teachers and staff just has to press a portable transmitter from anywhere and within a second, the notification appears at the central station.

Information can be automatically send to cellphone, voice radio mobile, email or external police.

For additionnal features, the central can send a private messages to all the other personnal ( by vibration and/or sounding of transmitters) for a lock down situation. Door can be lock remotly and strobe or other signaling device can generate messages.

Contact us to discuss all the possibilty we can offer, in respect of your budget.

Duress alarm system for all workplace

We have many wireless emergency call systems and options adapted to specific workplace. Chose your trade to see which panic button alarm system is better for you! 






This is an excerpt from a playlist of videos produced during the "Hamilton Video & Sound Open House & Technology Showcase", an audio-video industry trade show event held in Hamilton, Ontario on June 17th, 2016.

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« Securalert gave us the peace of mind we needed for both personnel and patients. We are completely satisfied with it’s performance. »

Diane Beauchamp