You get faster, more reliable communication because we use different technologies simultaneously to ensure that you’re covered.

  • Don’t share your panic button channel with your wireless network and risk that your signal won’t get through in the event that people are consuming high bandwidth.
  • Your wireless signal is on its own completely separate network, ensuring that connection to the main control unit will be fast and reliable.
  • Your system can also transmit RF (radio frequency) signals as a double layer of protection.

You’ll know the location of the incident with guaranteed pinpoint accuracy

  • When you choose the SECURalert ™ system, the dual nature of the simultaneous radio and wireless signals allows you to know where a person is—no guessing if it was up or down a floor, or one room over.
  • First responders show up quicker because they know exactly where the victim is.

You’ll know exactly who pushed the button

  • Each mobile panic button gets logged with the code or ID of the user who is carrying it. That way you’ll have individual tracking of people.
  • Personal transmitters will send an alert if they are taken out of the perimeter, reducing the likelihood that your remotes will walk off and disappear.

You get a faster installation

  • The components of the SECURalert ™ system install in minutes per room, not hours or days.
  • Quicker installation means less disruption and more productivity for you and your team.
  • Installation doesn’t require adding wiring or pulling electrical permits. It’s so easy, you could take the whole system with you if you ever move locations.

You delight your employees and invoke public goodwill

  • Employees who feel secure at work are generally happier and stay longer, reducing turnover costs for you.
  • Installing SECURalert ™ before an incident occurs is much better PR than having an incident and then installing protection afterward.

You proactively cover your legal bases

  • More and more states and provinces are instituting legal requirements that workers in certain scenarios must have a duress call system. Our mobile panic button technology covers even the most stringent legal requirements
  • Stay ahead of the curve if this legislation hasn’t reached you yet: Be the only one in your field who is already prepared when it does it.

You stand to gain all these benefits with SECURalert ™. What risks are you assuming if you don’t implement it? People are depending on you—Don’t wait until after an incident happens to protect them.

Ask for your SECURalert ™ quote today. We look forward to serving you!


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