When it comes to workplace safety, a panic button system – also known as a wireless duress alarm – is one of the first and foremost steps that any organization should take to protect its people. But not all panic button systems are made the same and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

If you’re not entirely familiar with SECURalert panic button technology; we’d like to take the time to introduce you to this type of wireless duress alarm system and its unique features.

1.SECURalert is the only company that manufactures its own technology.  

Nordicom Inc. has been designing, testing, and manufacturing RF solutions since 1993. The company is selling its solutions globally through a growing network of resellers. In 1997, the company added a new wireless duress solution to its line of paging systems and communication platforms. In a quest to achieve 100% Exact Location, the company has developed the first RF/Ultrasonic Hybrid solution. The mesh network was created, which led to the first generation of SECURalert Wireless Duress Solutions. In 2010 the second generation was born. More than 92% of first-generation SECURalert solutions are still in function today, 20 years later.

2. We are a CAPEX company.

How would you like to own your panic button solution? We are talking, no endless monthly licensing or user fees. Our systems are built to own. Pricing models demonstrate SECURAlert’s cost savings will be in the millions of dollars in comparison to cloud-based technologies.

3. The core of what we do is life safety. 

SECURalert solutions are built to life safety standards. Our system is fully supervised, addressable, and redundant. We have embedded all these characteristics and more in our solutions. Would you put your fire alarm pull station on your cell phone or 2-way Mobile Device? Of course not. Why would you with a Panic Button? Our solution runs on its own independent and self-healing network. It is always supervised and offers redundancy that other solutions don’t.

4. SECURalert locates with pinpoint accuracy.

How does it work? The SECURalert ™ Hybrid solution combines ultrasonic and RF technologies to provide users with optimum reliability and accuracy in any environment. The Hybrid transmitter emits both signals simultaneously with the ultrasonic being the primary signal while the RF acts as a redundant technology to ensure that no signal ever gets lost and a location is always delivered. Our unique and distinctive Hybrid Radio Frequency layered with Ultrasonic technology accuracy gives us tremendous competitive advantages.

5. The receiver battery lasts five years. 

We are a battery-powered system, quick and inexpensive to install, no wires needed; batteries must be replaced every 1 – 5 years or so, SECURalert’s transmitters are rechargeable (one single 4-hour charge gives you 30 days!) or battery operated. Receivers are also wireless.

6. We create a mesh network that allows us to know the exact location of the individual under duress.  

There’s no telling when and where an incident might happen, and by ensuring that your entire space is covered, you may save a life, and stop a bad situation before it develops. SECURalert can create a safety bubble that provides complete coverage of your entire space because it covers both the inside and outside of your facility with the same transmitter and infrastructure.

7. We are a self-enclosed solution and offer enhancement of notifications.

It’s getting more common to see wireless panic button technologies that depend on a WiFi signal to transmit the message. However, WiFi is not the only way to accomplish this task. Radio signals and ultrasonic signals also can communicate with a receiver and trigger an alert. WiFi can be unreliable during its peak usage hours. Our dedicated network will never be dependent on or require Wi-Fi, cellular, GPS, or 3rd party providers’ support as this increases the risk of delays, failures, and potential crisis management. Our XTendCall mobile platform improves response time and safety; it extends notification to its mobile app and other wired and wireless devices. Real-time monitoring and notification are vital for efficient communications in many industries, including healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, public safety, and manufacturing sectors. XTendCall achieves just that.

8. Failsafe Solution.

There are many systems that only able to identify the last known location of the person in duress; they rely on partners for WiFi, Cloud, Network, etc. There are too many moving parts and potential points of failure. As we mentioned before, SECURalert has its dedicated network that does not rely on the 3rd party providers, which makes it a failsafe solution. Even when communications lines are broken or extended power loss is experienced, the SECURalert system will continue to operate as long as the host computer is energized. Outdoor locating will continue for up to 3-4 hours, indoor location will remain accurate until the batteries are depleted (up to 5 years). SECURalert system is based on a mesh network providing multiple communications pathways to the host. The system will remain robust and accurate despite multiple communications and radio failures.

9. We offer the only bi-directional Portable Personal Alarm Transmitter. 

Someone presses the button on their portable transmitter. That button sends a signal to the nearby receiver. The receiver, in turn, sends a signal to the main control unit. If this is where the story stops, you have a one-way system. Is there a need for the main controller to send a signal back to the receiver to confirm that the signal has been received? Yes, for many reasons. For instance, the person who pressed the panic button in that room will know that their signal has been sent successfully. There are many other security benefits of having a two-way system. In addition to that, the SECURalert transmitter has an embedded test button, which can help check the functionality of the panic button and prevent false alarms.

10. We are flexible and customizable. 

SECURalert solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of individual organizations. Our system can be configured in a way that makes it adaptive to the intricacies of various facilities.

So, there you have it, ten unique features that make SECURalert a leader in the industry. It’s important to note that the successful implementation of our system will also depend on the training that you can provide to your employees. Setting up various safety drills that might require an employee to trigger your panic button system is a way to ensure your staff knows how to respond if a dangerous situation happens in real life.

Do you think your organization can benefit from an employee panic button system? Let us know below in the comments.

SECURalert Marketing Team.