Children in schools today are facing uncharted territory when it comes to security. Weapons, especially guns, seem to be attending schools as frequently as humans are. SecurAlert is a company that specializes in wireless panic button systems for employees in workplaces with a high risk of assault, aggression, hostage situations, and active shooters. Unfortunately, the education industry is becoming more and more dangerous as the years progress. We understand that you can’t stop your students from coming to school, but you can make it safer for them to attend.

Regardless of emergency type, an accurate panic security system being readily available to teachers is as critical as modern textbooks are to history class. Since 1970, there has been at least one school shooting in every state, with the number of shootings in Texas and California being as high as 133 and 158 respectively. The laws and campaigns currently in progress that aim to change school shooting statistics will take years to enact. In the meantime, we at SecurAlert have an immediate solution: installing a straightforward panic security alert system.

Easy Panic Button

At first thought, a panic button sounds like it should be a large, indiscreet and red button encased in a glass box with a yellow sticky note on top, reading “do NOT press the big red button!” While that may be an effective emergency procedure for fictional characters, a button like that is not only impractical, but also inconvenient for real people in the midst of a life threatening situation. A better answer is a smaller, more immediate button hanging from the teacher’s waistband or wrist. Or even better, and a popular option on the East Coast, is for teachers to install the panic button through an app on their phone. The already constant use of our smartphones – some studies predict we touch our phones 2, 617 times a day! – would make a panic button on our cell the ideal location, and totally worth deleting that 3rd extra bubble blast game for.

Detailed & Flexible Procedures

A key feature of our panic system that differentiates SecurAlert from other security options is our use of both ultrasonic and radio frequencies to find our employees accurately.  This allows us to pinpoint alarm locations with 100 percent accuracy. Each alarm is individually programmed to a teacher, so that if there is a shooter in Ms. Cooney’s 1st grade class, the police know to go to room 145 immediately, significantly reducing activity time for the shooter. With up to date and accurate information from the school ahead of time, we are able to assure that the police officers will be able to flexibly navigate any school’s unique lock-down procedure.

Tragic events happening at a school full of children is a sad reality that many, understandably, would like to ignore. Realistically, unfortunate circumstances are ones that need to be addressed, hopefully before the incident rather than after. Prepare your school today with a state of the art duress system and put the minds of your faculty, students, and parents at ease.