Workplace violence in nursing and health care is a major concern. Equip your staff with a panic button technology today.

  • In 2010, there were approximately 11,370 assaults on health care and social assistance workers, according to OSHA.
  • A 2014 study found that 76 percent of nurses reported experiencing violence within the past year, either from patients or from visitors.
  • From 2003 to 2007, health care patients caused health care and social assistance workers an average of 54,240 nonfatal injuries or illnesses per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nurses and other caregivers provide vital health care services to patients, but they are also at risk on a daily basis as they make their rounds. It only takes a few seconds for a patient or visitor to grab a nurse’s wrist or trap her in a room. The solution is easy: give each health care worker a staff security device so that they can summon help at any time.

Benefits of Installing Panic Alarm Technology

  • Speed up your hospital security’s response time to incidents by allowing them to easily pinpoint the location of any staff duress.
  • Protect your reputation and avoid the bad publicity of a news story involving a violent attack on one of your employees.
  • Improve staff morale and peace of mind, and reduce workplace stress.

The Panic Button Technology You Need is Right Here

Panic button technology exists in many forms, but for hospitals and health care facilities, the problem with many of these technologies is that they don’t offer pinpoint accuracy for where the incident occurs. Other options require heavy servers or costly installations where you have to rewire the building. Another important feature that other systems miss is that they work on the building’s wifi, but peak wifi usage times can interfere with a distress signal or prevent it from getting through.

With our technology, you’ll get an affordable system that can run on any computer. Installation can be done with no wires and only takes 3-4 minutes per room. Best of all, the technology works on its own independent network that won’t be clogged up with other people’s heavy wifi usage.

Protect Yourself Today

The best time to install violence prevention systems is now, before a messy crisis upsets your whole facility. Don’t wait any longer–install the Securalert™ system today.

Protecting Residents / Patients

Hard wired solutions for duress call commonly known as nurse call systems have migrated to our wireless technology as residents in Retirement Homes, Assisted Living and Long-Term Care facilities are more and more mobile. It is unrealistic to think that a call for assistance would only be triggered from the bedside or the bathroom. Since emergencies can happen anywhere and at anytime, SecurAlert™ and XTendCall™ are the right solutions for your facilities. The following features are standard in our offerings.

  • Staff and Resident/Patient duress and location
  • Wireless pendants and inactivity supervision for senior living and aged care
    Clinical workflow including nurse rounding & resident visits, wound care, staff check-in, pain management and incident reporting.
  • Automatic messages to the right staff at the right time dependant on rostered times
  • Automated reports for precise KPI’s & staffing adjustments