Wireless Panic Button Device

The SECURalert™ panic button transmitter is small and can be worn as a watch or on a lanyard, with up to four weeks run time on a single charge. Alerting others for assistance has never been quicker or more accurate. Assistance is just a single press of a button away.

Employee Location

Alerting others for assistance is only helpful if somebody can find the healthcare worker in duress. Large hospitals and healthcare facilities of more than 100 rooms can be difficult to navigate, so pinpoint accuracy is paramount. No time is wasted between the press of the button and assistance arriving to prevent assault or other crimes from occurring in your location.

Prompt Assistance

Because of the SECURalert™ wireless duress system’s ease of use, pinpoint accuracy, and redundancy, you can rest assured that help will arrive exactly where it is needed. With a simple click of the personal transmitter worn by the employee, the device identifies the distressed individual in real time and effectively notifies respondents of their exact location. Provide your healthcare employee with security and peace of mind with our Top Rated National® accurate and wireless mobile panic button.

Mitigate Risk

In the healthcare industry, the number of assaults on staff from patients, visitors or even aggressive individuals seeking access to drugs or medical equipment is staggering. Code white events can be complex and security staff need to anticipate that violence will occur and have a   plan to act rapidly. Notification must be flexible and adaptive to accommodate the intricacy of the healthcare facility so that the right information can be delivered to the right responders.