Panic Button Device

A key component of the panic button parameters required by the law is that they should be portable and easy to activate in an emergency situation. The SECURalert™ panic button transmitter is small enough to be worn as a watch or on a lanyard. It can also run up to four weeks on a single charge. A simple press of a button is all it takes to alert others for quick assistance.

Employee Location

Of course, pressing a panic button does your employees very little if responders can’t quickly and accurately locate the distressed employee. This is the area where SECURalert™ truly makes the difference. Using four main components, our supervised wireless duress system sends the user’s location with 99.9 percent accuracy to the room, which is especially critical in larger hotel buildings with hundreds of rooms. With SECURalert™, not a moment is wasted between the press of the panic button and the arrival of support.

Prompt Assistance

The entire purpose of the panic button mandate in hotels throughout Illinois is to dramatically increase employee security. Prompt assistance is the only way to guarantee this is possible. Because our panic button is easy to use and provides responders with pinpoint accuracy, there is no wasted effort or disruption of other hotel guests when seeking out the duressed employee.