Ensure You Meet Mandated Employee Security Standards

Effective this year, every hotel in Miami Beach will be required to supply panic buttons or “safety” buttons to housekeeping staff in an effort to combat sexual harassment and assault, issues which are extremely prevalent in the industry. Each hotel employee isolated in guest rooms needs a hospitality panic button as mandated by the city commission by the time the mandate takes effect on Aug. 1, 2019.

Any hotel in Miami Beach that does not comply is liable for hefty fines. Luckily, complying with the new mandate does not have to break your hotel’s bottom line. Unrivaled employee security is achievable at a tremendously affordable price thanks to the Securalert™ wireless panic button system, providing your staff an ability to immediately alert security with pinpoint accuracy and response time. In order to ensure your hotel follows standards, we’ve broken down the three most important elements of the mandate for you!

Panic Button Device

Per the language in the mandate, each housekeeping employee must have a portable panic button designed for quick activation. Our panic button transmitter is small enough to be worn as a watch or on a lanyard and can run up to four weeks on a single charge. Alerting others for assistance has never been easier. Help is just one press of a button away.

Employee Location

Letting somebody know you’re in trouble is pointless unless they are able to find you. Hotels are required to use panic buttons that allow responders to find the employee under duress, which is no easy task in larger buildings. Using four main components, our supervised wireless duress system sends the user’s location with 99.9 percent accuracy to the room. Not a moment is wasted between the press of the panic button and when support arrives.

Prompt Assistance

Most importantly, the Miami Beach mandate states that the device must summon prompt assistance to the employee’s location by designated responders. Because our panic button is easy to use and provides responders with pinpoint accuracy, there is no wasted effort or disruption of other hotel guests when seeking out the duressed employee. Failing to provide prompt assistance to employees in duress makes your hotel liable, so don’t settle for anything less than our Top Rated National® wireless mobile panic button.