Meet and Exceed Mandated Employee Security Requirements

In early June of 2019, the state of New Jersey became the first in the entire country to take measures to ensure the employee security of hotel and hospitality workers on a state-wide level, mandating New Jersey hotels provide wearable panic buttons to call for help when facing potential emergencies and assault. New Jersey’s governor signed the bill into law and will take effect in January 2020, applying to all hotels in the state with at least 100 rooms. Such legislation was enacted across the country at the city level, with Seattle, Chicago, and Miami chief among them, but New Jersey is the first to make it a requirement across a state.

Failure to meet the bill’s requirements opens hotels up to significant fines, including $5,000 for a first offense and $10,000 for every subsequent violation. Simply put, there is no way around the law and the best financial decision is to comply. However, meeting New Jersey’s state-mandated hospitality employee security doesn’t have to shatter your bottom line. Unrivaled security for your hotel’s staff is obtainable at a tremendous value with the Securalert™ wireless panic button system, which provides your staff the ability to immediately alert help with pinpoint accuracy and guaranteed response in a timely fashion. To better help you understand what the new law requires of you, we’ve broken down the main components of the legislation to ensure your hotel meets and exceeds employee security mandates!

Panic Button Device

The bill requires every hotel employer provides a panic button to each employee assigned to work in a guest room without any other employee present, and at no cost to the employee. The Securalert™ panic button transmitter is small and can be worn as a watch or on a lanyard, with up to four weeks run time on a single charge. Alerting others for assistance has never been quicker or more accurate. Assistance is just a single press of a button away.

Employee Location

Alerting others for assistance is only helpful if somebody can find the hotel employee in duress. The law mandates hotel workers can activate the panic button for on-scene assistance. Hotels of more than 100 rooms can be large and difficult to navigate, so pinpoint accuracy is paramount. Our wireless duress system provides the employee’s location with 99.9 percent accuracy to the room. No time is wasted between the press of the button and assistance arriving to prevent assault or other crimes from occurring in your hotel.

Prompt Assistance

Among the most important mandates in the bill is the need for immediate on-scene assistance from a security officer, manager or supervisor or other appropriate hotel staff members. Because of the Securalert™ wireless duress system’s ease of use, pinpoint accuracy, and supervised system, you can rest assured that help will arrive exactly where it’s needed. Employees who don’t receive prompt assistance leave the hotel open to liability. Make sure your hotel and employee security is guaranteed and utilize our Top Rated National® accurate and wireless mobile panic button.