Securalert Prison Security System

Ultrasound technology is the most effective system to track person in distress to the exact location inside a building. It basically act as an inside GPS. How can you have a fast and reliable emergency response system? We add a communication system between the central receiver and the warning devices. An ultrasound duress alarm takes about 5 seconds from the time you press your panic button to the time the central receiver gets the alarm. The next step is to send this alarm instantly to the people that can help as soon as possible (colleagues, intervention team or security personnel). The emergency response system must be on track at all time, flexible and be able to send the alarm simultaneously and instantaneously to cell phone, portable radio (walkie-talkie), display panel, computer with buzzer , additional computer stations and/or public or private (POGSAG) pagers. We are talking about an emergency response system with ultrasound technology and an effective communication system.  The Securalert Hybrid System offers the best solution when a dangerous situation occurs and in less than 5 seconds. Detection of non movement or man down are among the options available to these panic buttons.
A prison security system must also be flexible and reliable when it comes to the installation. It may be cost prohibitive to install a hardwired system in an old institution. In this case, wireless receivers provide a great solution for a prison security system. When you combine ultrasound technology with wireless receivers you get all the flexibility and reliability you need to design the best system. With ultrasound technology, the receivers can be hidden to avoid detection and our technology is energy efficient powered by a C type battery with a five year lifespan.  

With the Securalert Hybrid System you can choose between a wireless or hardwired installation. The wireless Securalert Hybrid System will regularly monitor the level of the communication signal between each component, the battery charge and the status of each device.

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« Securalert gave us the peace of mind we needed for both personnel and patients. We are completely satisfied with it’s performance. »

Diane Beauchamp