About Us

Nordicom Inc. dba SECURalert™ has been designing, testing, and manufacturing RF (Radio Frequency) solutions since 1993. The company is selling its solutions globally through a growing network of resellers. In 1997, the company added a new Wireless Duress Solution to its line of paging systems and communication platforms. In a quest to achieve exact location, Luc Harbour founder and CTO, studied and developed the first Wireless Hybrid Panic Button Solution. A mesh network was created which led to the first generation of SECURalert™ Wireless Duress and Wireless Nurse Call Solutions. 

Today SECURalert ™ is a leading Wireless Duress Solution Provider, trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to design, manufacture and provide state of the art life safety solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.

Honesty, integrity, caring, innovation, and community are values at the core of what we do. Our vision is to become the preferred Wireless Duress Solution in North America and beyond.


SECURalert’s ™ creates a hybrid system of two simultaneous signals: ultrasonic and radiofrequency. This dual system accurately transmits the distress signal to the main controller, pinpointing the location of the duress with precise accuracy. In buildings with multiple rooms and multiple floors, this accuracy can reduce response time and ensure authorities quickly locate the person under duress.  

SECURalert™ is a comprehensive life safety system built around a wireless duress network. 

The system is addressable, supervised, and provides redundancy in the event of failure. One of the most advanced features of SECURalert™ is the XTendCall Mobile Platform. This advanced integration platform enables connectivity and alarm management of SECURalert’s™ wireless duress solutions and 3rd party systems such as security, communication, PMS (Property Management Systems), fire alarm, and many others. XTendCall™ also provides unified reporting and extends notification to its mobile app and other wired and wireless devices.




 Redundant Technology 
Bi-directional Transmitters 
Built-in Automatic Check In
Embedded Test Button
Fully-supervised system 
 Self-healing standalone solution 
 Low-Cost Wireless Implementation


Variable Accuracy
No Redundancy 
1-way Transmitters  
No Accountablity 
No Test Functions
No Supervision 
Multiple Points of failure  
Higher Cost of Implementation and Ownership


SECURalert’s™ chooses not to rely on Wi-Fi, or a cellular connection to provide location data – instead, it gives individual staff members the ability to trigger the device at a moment’s notice from absolutely anywhere in your facility even when the power is down and the signal is lost. The system is self-contained within your environment and does not rely on any other technology or offsite cloud computing to operate.


The world really is a beautiful place – but only when it’s safe. and for far too many people, falling victim to an emergency while at work can be a precarious situation – especially when you’re unable to alert someone quickly and discreetly whenever necessary

We believe nothing is more important than making sure that you and your workers are safe in your place of business. Whether you are a hotel manager or a hospital administrator, nothing should come in the way of keeping yourself, your workers, and your guests or patients safe at all times. We are firm believers that a panic button system – also known as a wireless duress alarm – is one of the first and foremost steps that any business operator should take when it comes to protecting and guaranteeing workplace safety.