XTendCall ™ – Integration & Mobile platform

SECURalert ™ and XTendCall ™ platform improves work place productivity.  XTendCall ™ enables connectivity and alarm management of 3rd party systems such as security, communication, fire alarm, management systems and many others. XTendCall ™ also provides unified reporting and extends notification to its mobile app and other wired and wireless devices.

Mobile Features

  • Easy to read large text for alarms and messages with audible and vibrate functionality. Sound and vibrate pattern are determined by the urgency of the alert.
  • Manage alerts internally and/or externally.
  • Accept alarms. The app indicates to the other users who is responding in the same work area.
  • Alerts and response times are recorded for reporting and team leader follow-up.
  • Supports internal or external roster and automated escalation systems. Alerts can also be manually escalated from your mobile device for attention from senior staff.
  • Imbedded call back feature to speak with staff or residents on their own phone/device without having to look up a phone number/extensions.
  • Send in-house text messages to devices then receive notification when the message is read.
  • Multi line, multi colored display gives a clear indication of the alert priority and all the information a staff member needs to respond to the alarm.
  • Receive accurate room level locations and updates in real time when used with our Hybrid and Inovonics solutions.
  • Multi-user login is available on a role base or schedule on any device. Devices can also be locked to a single user.
  • All stored configuration data is encrypted, no data is stored on the device.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatible. Get the app on Google Play.